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8 Simple Industrial Concrete Desk Clock You Are Not Going To Miss It In 2021

by Benjamin Lo May 06, 2021

8 Simple Industrial Concrete Desk Clock You Are Not Going To Miss It In 2021

Concrete desk clocks are a work of art that combines shape and purpose to provide a sense of calm and strong feeling of steady and balanced. How about the industrial style? It is a gorgeous mixture between unfinished character with the more polished elements to create the harmonious feels of high and low. This little timekeeper is created for simple tasks, to fulfill the home decoration needs and to deliver the times to its owner.

Nowadays, there are plenty of clocks in the world. Which to choose? Why choose concrete rather other material? The concrete or cement clock is unable to escape the simplicity of minimalist. With the combination of simple idealism and its concrete unfinished character of texture, the desk concrete clocks are completed to deliver its true purposes in home decoration. Why not make clock design complicated as the needs of unfinished character from industrial style? The fact of complicated design clock may destroy other element of industrial interior style and making the whole idea less harmony to combine with the polished elements. Thus, simple industrial style is the best choice to present the concrete desk clock. Let's discuss about the 7 simple industrial concrete clock in 2021.

1. Kiso Moon Cement Clock

This is a Japanese industrial clock that brings out the purposely idea of unfinished characters of concrete pores with the combination of the 2 polished alloy leg and the 3 clock's hands, making it more industrial style. The concrete pores just like the craters of the moon with the idea of having the leather strap that allows it to hang it up like the swinging moon on top of everything. 

Kiso means foundation in Japanese, the concrete material with the strong base material with the 2 brass color leg below of it making it to fulfill the Japanese style of balancing in order of nature. This harmony is just like the moon and our home earth, moon as the fundamental foundation needed to balance everything on earth in the cycle of orbit in the space. Besides, this clock is formed in simple without any numeral, dots or pattern, allows it to be best choice of minimalist clock. 

Link: Kiso Moon Cement Clock


2. Sam Jiduhui Minimalist Cement Clock

This is an industrial concrete clock that combines the taste of minimalist with specially designed by the designer Jiduhui from Japan. The clock with the minimum of only showing the big 6 with the 3,9 and 12 as pattern lines. The designer try to minimize every pattern on the clock and polished the concrete into smooth surface, make the desk clock clean and clear.

A clock with speaking between art and science, the balance of scientific of crystal cubic structure that making it have a good center of gravity, by adding a base to make the clock into a clear 45°. By adding the element of science with a correct degree which able to make the correct contrast under the lamp, all of these elements in design just to make it as the best desk clock that allows our biological eyesight to spot the time easily.

It comes with 2 industrial color choices, Orange or Gray, showing the beauty of autumn season in the 4 seasons of the earth.

Link: Sam Jiduhui Minimalist Cement Clock


3. Bodil Marble Cement Clock

This is a marble concrete clock, a combination of 2 main common earthly home furnishing materials to form the industrial style of desk clock. There are less pores on the rough surface of concrete with the fine polished surface of the marble surface. And the clean surface of empty clock face with the dim color, it brings a lot of the meaning of industrial simplicity of clock.

This type of clock brings a lot of advantages to any interior design. It can be the easiest and suitable decorative clock in any situations. The round shape of its details marble patterns and the square of concrete clock covering the marble within it, allows it to be the catalyst to enhance and mix with your industrial, Nordic and Minimalist interior. This can consider the best desk clock for garden and living room.

Link: Bodil Marble Cement Clock


4. Geekcook Nordic Cement Clock 

Geekcook Nordic comes with the smooth surface concrete desk clock, 2 colors of dim industrial color, gray or brown. This desk clock comes with large details pattern lines with the details craving of its branding. The clock color is a Nordic style with the concrete polished material can be grouped as the industrial clock. This clock is completely simple and easy to decorate with gray, white and dim environment. 

The cover of the clock create the deep center of the clock's face make the brightness on the clock having the shadow and vaguely contrast, allows it to be the attractive clock among other item design in your rooms.

Link: Geekcook Nordic Cement Clock


5. Romeo Ama Giulietta 9 Clock

This is a Italian lover cement clock, talking about the love story of Romeo and Juliet, without limitation for every meeting. A very details on every object in the concrete cement clock, the stairs, corridor, tower and pavements. The clock only show Nine with a golden wrought iron clock's hand. The clock comes with 2 little cute white and black boy and girls.

This clock concrete clock is the best choice to decorate your industrial style of interior design, with the adding of the lovely sweetness in your room. In the gray, brings the love of white and black lover mixture. It made to be the best bond of your marriage and loves.

Link: Romeo Ama Giulietta 9 Clock


6. Bodil Round Cement Clock

A simple round clock with multiple color choices that match your own personality. A smooth concrete surface clock with showing all time through its special patterns line. The seconds and minutes show in very detail short line accompany with the long line of 12 hours.

Its harmony industrial color choices allows you to enhance your living space. Its simplicity allows it to be a good minimalist desk clock.

Link: Bodil Round Cement Clock


7. Bodil Triangle Cement Clock

A triangular clock finds the balance in 3 directions made it as strong as concrete. The strong center of gravity and the purpose craters on the clock face with the fine polished concrete on the surface of the clock, making the clock more industrial by filling the elements of the unfinish characteristic of asteroid craters.

It comes with a series of industrial age color, from the brightest white to the dimmest black. This helps every designer to choose it as the best to decorate their interior.

Link: Bodil Triangle Cement Clock


8. Bodil Terra Cement Clock

Terra is the earth in Latin word. This industrial clock represents our living earth filled with the minerals of sand and stone, the silicates and oxides. This is the symbolism of the beauty of concrete to make as the house interior design. 

This clock is full of art, the irregular shape show the unfinish characteristic with the polishing surface, make it a good industrial style of clock. The clock is made without numeral, only shows the dots as hours with the larger dots as quarter hours. Its simple and minimum can also consider as the simple minimalist desk clock.

Link: Bodil Terra Cement Clock

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