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IONA - Nordic Simple Light Design Clock

by Benjamin Lo May 03, 2021

IONA - Nordic Simple Light Design Clock

Nordic Simple Light Design Clock

Nordic or Scandinavian design is a Viking age of Northern people design, distinguished by its focus on simple, clean, minimalism, and simplicity without losing its beauty. This style reflects a strong appreciation for nature and spending time outdoors. The design is dominated by neutrals and cool, especially bright whites, with bursts of black and tan. Below is the IONA, the blessing in the Mid-age language. Let's discuss about these simple and light Nordic Clock.
Simplicity is the main idea of this clock. A full body of Alloy with golden metal base and clock's hand. Make it a simple Nordic style of clock.
A clean, harmony and environmental friendly color design, from the light green to the Nordic style of blue and pink to be the best choice to decorate your simple style of office, bedroom and kitchen.

IONA Nordic Wooden Clock

A wooden clock, bringing the style of Nordic and minimalist by speaking the art of the simplicity with the clock's shell of fully wooden and real wooden details. The clock that you are irresistible to decorate it as the eco-friendly clock in your room. It comes with the Nordic color designs choices of aquamarine, light gray or light pink.

Wooden made of clock, showing its detail unique Nordic design of wooden pattern with the big Arabic numeral as quarter hours and large lines as other hours. In addition, 5 interval Arabic numeral for minutes and seconds as well as Nordic pattern lines with sensitivity up to 0.2 millisecond.
Link: IONA Nordic Wooden Clock

IONA Oceanic Nordic Clock

This simple clock is speaking of the Norwegian sea Nordic Minimalist style of clock. It comes with 2 stainless steel leg below of it, to make sure it stand properly to serve as the simple clock in your rooms. It is suitable to all the simple lover, minimal is the point of this clock. The mechanical clockwork with a only 20dB, which consider mute. This is able to allow you to enjoy it as a mute and allowing you to only listen to the Northern sea breeze.

It comes with 2 color choices, wooden or Marron and 3 size of choice, 8 inch (22cm), 10 inch (25cm) and 12 inch (30cm). It was categorized into 3 type of clocks:

1. IONA Nordic Sea Horizon Clock

The main idea of making the center of the clock to become the Nordic sea Horizon. With the pattern lines, it is showing the simple design with the sea breeze.
Link: IONA Nordic Sea Horizon Clock

2. IONA Oceanic Nordic Clock

Blue aquamarine Nordic ocean with the clear sky of blue and white. Giving you a relaxing feel of simple lifestyle. A clock without any numbers or patterns just minimum every design.
Link: IONA Oceanic Nordic Clock

3. IONA White Nordic Clock

The beauty of clean, sharp and simple. The white color base with the shell of wooden or Maroon, brings out the simple white Nordic design with the northern Redwood and Walnut. Bringing out a refreshing style of white that are able to turn your complicity to simplicity.
Link: IONA White Nordic Clock

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