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5 Nordic Minimalist Modern MDF Desk Clock You Want It Beside You

by Benjamin Lo May 05, 2021

5 Nordic Minimalist Modern MDF Desk Clock You Want It Beside You

5 Nordic Minimalist Modern MDF Desk Clock You Want It Beside You

You'd imagine that a desk clock would be one of the most common and straightforward ways to decorate your house. But, as it turns out, finding an eye-catching desk clock isn't always easy, particularly if you're particular about your overall decor scheme. Not to mention how difficult it is to keep the home decor on the simple minimalist side while also wanting a piece that sticks out.

Sure, we now always check our phones, computers, or shout at our partners, "What time is it?" However, this isn't to tell us that the traditional desk clock is no longer fashionable, quite opposite, it can be fashionable as modern as our phones and enhance the design of your home and workplace.

To choose a simple and minimalist modern design, it is a difficult and especially on the material type? Is it suitable for your house or your room design? Here is going to show you the simple and new type of material of Forescolor Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), allows your desk clock to be clear, clean, simple and easily merge with your design,

Forescolor MDF?

First and foremost, what is Forescolor MDF? It is an engineering integrated wood material developed by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres, usually done in a defibrator, by mixing it with wax and a resin binder, and pressing it into panels under high temperatures and pressure. By adding the environmental friendly technology FORESCO to become the wood fibre materials with color. By doing this, it is denser than normal plywood.

It become a flame retardant and suitable for interior product that complies with the fire service act and construction regulations. An eco-friendly without any added of formaldehyde, it is safe for any children used, ideally to use in multi-facility that sensitive of indoor air quality. Lastly, It comes with a moisture resistant state, suitable for various application in humid environment.

In the nut shell, these advanced engineered materials are far better than normal wooden material.

Below are the product of Nordic Minimalist Desk Clock that made through the Forescolor MDF which able to accompany you day and night with these advanced interesting functionality.

1. EMITDOOG Square Minimalist Forescoler Clock

Main idea of this clock is plain color on with these layers of combine the Nordic cool color and minimalist idea of clean and simple. The clock's hands are made of walnut wood symbolize the Nordic style with the combination simple idea of the hole and quarter hours of hole lines able to make it as the best Nordic Minimalist clock in your home. This idea of design desk clock is easily to decorate in every house design and easy to merge with your current Nordic or Minimalist design.

Comes with 6 Nordic color choices, gray, black, salmon red, teal, yellow and cornflower blue. For more interesting information, click the link below.

Link: EMITDOOG Square Minimalist Forescoler Clock


 2. Nome Square Walnut Clock

This idea of simple and minimalist design is to be gray and with the minimum of design on the clock face, with only a circle with quarter hours and hours pattern line covering the 2 walnut clock's hands. The color brought out the idea of combination of Scandinavian Nordic and Minimalist design.

Link: Nome Square Walnut Clock


3. Nome SteelBlue Walnut Clock

Steel Blue is the main idea for this clock bring the simplicity of cool Nordic Minimalist design. This desk clock is made of 3 layer of MDF, a sandwich of 2 gray layer with 1 layer of steel blue layer. The main clock design is the the clock inside the circle ring of the gray outer layer. The clock's face is minimum with only 4 dots of quarter hours and the 2 walnut wooden clock's hand. This art idea of blue and gray MDF are telling the story of harmony balance of life and work, the blue color like the hope always appear in the gray area.

Link: Nome SteelBlue Walnut Clock


4. EMITDOOG Fresh Minimalist White 12 Inch Stand Clock

This is a large 12 Inch clock with the idea of Nordic white, clean and clear by adding the minimalist element of simple and minimum in clock's face, base and hands by making you fresh and clear.

The clock only show simple 1-12 Arabic numeral, it made of a layer of white MDF with the base of gray MDF. The minimalist clock main idea is to present the Nordic design of clock's hand in the clean surface of clock as well as the clean gray below of it. It speaks of the beauty of art in pure and fresh out of the items beside of it. This suitable is main suitable for the white or gray background, to make its contrast outstanding among the others.

It comes with 5 Nordic design choices of walnut wooden clock's hands:

Cricular empty, Wooden Stick, Needles, Rectangular empty, Arrows

Link: EMITDOOG Fresh Minimalist White 12 Inch Stand Clock


5. EMITDOOG Schedule Minimalist Desk Clock

This clock is the best clock for students and children. The design is made of eco-friendly MDF with the 2 ring of 5 minutes interval and hours sandwich the of middle of the dots and pattern lines. The minimalism in the plain color with the stand of gray color. The clock's hand is the most unique among all clocks, it brings the minimalist design of circle for hours and arrow for minutes or seconds. Its details and clear design better for visual.

It comes with multiple colors suitable for modern students, white, pink, light green, light blue and yellow.

Link: EMITDOOG Schedule Minimalist Desk Clock


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