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Simple Wooden Japanese Desk Clock Design You can't Miss it in 2021

by Benjamin Lo May 05, 2021

Simple Wooden Japanese Desk Clock Design You can't Miss it in 2021

Simple Wooden Japanese Desk Clock Design You can't Miss it in 2021

You'd probably imagine that a desk clock would be one of the most common and straightforward ways to decorate your house. It maybe can a simple and straightforward, but it can mess up your interior design. Here is the introduction of few wooden Japanese style desk clock that you are able to use them to merge with your home design easily.

Clean and uncluttered life are the main characteristics of Japanese style, which adheres to harmony, a practice of balance, order, ancient traditions, and a reverence for natural beauty. For decorating a house with a Japanese or minimalist style, wooden product is the best choice to maintain the natural balancing and the simple and minimum.

Below are the 3 modern wooden desk clock that filled with the Japanese element:

1. Yeswood Neko Meow Clock

Yes, you are right. The whole idea is to being a cat. A simple and natural cat form with the clear and clean wooden surface with the Japanese element of harmony balancing between the hours dots and lines as well as the desk clock design. The whiskers and 2 cat ears design maintains the balancing of the clock and the simple idea of minimalist. Lastly, with the stable balancing on the round like shape, it can be the best cat lover clock.


2. Yeswood Calm Snail Clock

This is speak of an art of animal in the calm and shapes design balancing. Wood is the main material of this clock to present its natural beauty. It form with a round clock as the shell of the snail, a 150mm long round cylinder as the main body part of snail and the 2 cone shape as the eyes of snail. The clock is only display in dots as hours. The balance between all the shape and in the scene of beauty in natural of animal kingdom.

The perfect wooden color contrast and its simple wooden texture, speaks of the minimalist of minimum simple design and the Japanese element natural design of wooden texture and clear clock face. The clock is separated into 2 parts, clock and the snail body. It can be separated and attached them through the magnet below the clock and the body of snail. This clock can be the modern that you are able to decorate it in your house without thinking any mismatch. Be calm like the snail and relax to decorate your rooms.

Link: Yeswood Calm Snail Clock


3. Latecomer Teak Clock

Simple, clear, wooden is the main idea of this Japanese style of clock. It brings out the simple of balancing in a round form with the suitable size of the Arabic numeral circulate the clock center, it treats to be the best scientific balancing.

It presents its own natural beauty of full wooden structural with the perfect texture of the wooden material from the tropical hardwood, teak tree wood. It is the perfect match in Bohemian and Japanese style of design. It is totally brings out the needs of the harmony of the natural order of balancing.

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