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Runa Armens Ein Nordic Marble Copper Desk Clock


Runa Armens Ein is a Nordic European Classic Retro style of marble desk clock with a full body of copper with a natural marble base.

The clock is comes with a details design with a full copper body made through the copper plating process, it looks very charming. Besides, a classic design on the clock, with the classic European line pattern, metal clock's hands and the clear Arabic numeral. Not just these, it is a meticulous design too, its clock's handler and the top of the clock made the clock looks very ancient, grand, luxury and elegant. 

In addition, the natural marble base of the copper clock allows this clock to become the best of the best, the luxurious among other clocks. Its Nordic style of marble base made from the natural marble stone through a artistic of polishing. This is enough to allow you to decorate your Nordic style of interior design as well as upgrade to a higher grade.

Let this gorgeous and stunning Nordic marble clock to be your best decorative at your bedside and inside your lovely office or study table.

  • Material: Metal, alloy, marble, glass
  • Clock Dimensions: 230mm x 280mm x 100mm (9.06" x 11.02" x 3.94")
  • Weight: 2460g (86.77oz)
  • Display: Arabic Numeral
  • Movement type: Quartz
  • Input Voltage: 1 x AA Battery (Not Included)
  • Package include: Runa Armens Nordic Marble Copper Desk Clock

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