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Pyua Purify Air Cooler

Sakura Pink
Pearl White
Fresh Green
Sky Blue

Pyua purify is the pure in Japanese means to purify. It is an ergonomic design of air cooler. Its compact size with a slot for all type of mineral bottle, allows users to use any bottle they wants. Its fast cooling system comes with a large angle and adjustable air flow, allows users to maximize their enjoyments in every moments. Users also can enjoy the cool breeze by refrigerated the water bottle before load in or manually add ice into the water tank. A 3 fan mode from low to high with 2 blow mode of intermittent or continuous blowing choice available for users to suit themselves.

After using of your plastic bottle? Don't throw it away. It can reuse for the air cooler. Suggest to refrigerated few bottle, using the air cooler by only changing the water bottle, even ice also don't need to add. It also comes with a handle to maximize your convenience.

It also equips with negative ions generator, allows you to enjoy the pure natural air by neutralizing the dust and PM2.5. A clean breathable air quality. It is a silent worker, even can be your roommate, a low noise and cool breeze to improve your sleeping quality. It also comes with a romantic warm night light to maximize your enjoyment even at night. Lastly, it equips with a 2000mAh of large battery, allows you to enjoy the cooling effect for the long time.

Pyua - Pure Summer Hot Air Solver

  • Material: ABS, PP, PC
  • Dimensions: 190mm x 152mm x 160mm (7.48" x 5.98" x 6.30")
  • Weight: 830g (29.28oz)
  • Water tank Capacity: Depend on bottle volume
  • Negative ion working power: 1W
  • Ion concentration: 1x1000000pcs/cm³
  • Ozone concentration: <0.03ppm
  • Output voltage: Low 5V, 240mA / Mid 7V, 460mA / High 9V, 730mA
  • Input Voltage: DC5V, 1A USB Type-c input, 2000mAh
  • Play time: up to 4 hours (At high speed)
  • Package include: Air Cooler, charging cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Kayla Howard

The little air cooler can be used with water, so that the wind will be more cool and comfortable, and it will not be very dry like normal air conditioner. The wind is quite strong and silent, and sleeping will not be affected. It is simply a great artifact in summer. Not bad, my colleagues like it very much, and I gave them the link. Small and exquisite, high-grade, small footprint, easy to move, not small wind.

Nicole Duncan

This fan is very easy to use! Originally, I went for the appearance, but I was conquered by the function. I didn't expect it to be so cool! It’s more comfortable than the air conditioner, because the air conditioner will be dry and the fan will blow out cool and comfortable. It’s so beautiful, I can’t help writing so many words. I really like it.

Ricky Mcgowan

The color is really beautiful and stylish like my wife, the wind is strong, but there are still a little sound, acceptable. The fan can be switched with various angles, it is very convenient, the gear adjustment is also very convenient, beautiful, and really easy to use.

Graham Mathis

The electric fan is very beautiful. The color is very good. The wind blows all afternoon, and there are 3 winds, feel not hot. The first gear is very small and belongs to the breeze. The second gear can keep blowing in hot weather. It's very quiet. The third gear is refreshing when it's hottest, and the wind is very strong. Very comfortable.

Peter Hill

The appearance is exquisite and cute. It suits my little cute heart. I just started using it. It feels worthwhile, and the sound is very small. It is a pleasant shopping, and I think the color is quite good. The design is still very user-friendly. It’s big, not bad, it’s super comfortable to blow on, it feels great, the price is not too expensive, the price is high, the workmanship is exquisite.

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