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Moderna Bird Paradise Clock


This is a vintage European classical clock with a full body of blue color of resin. A smooth surface of resin from the tree resin with its unique kind of numeral design of Roman or Arabic allows it to be one of the outstanding classic clock. With its perfect mechanical Quartz and a gold little bird on top of it allows you to enjoy the European simple idea of bird paradise. The beautiful clock interior design with a glass mirror cover on the clock's hands, it is able to upgrade your secret rooms to a higher level. Let this beautiful luxurious environmental bird paradise clock to be placed beside your bedside too. It is a mute clock that every ticks will seconds of mechanical move without making any noise.

  • Material: Metal, alloy, glass, resin
  • Clock Dimensions: 160mm x 190mm x 55mm (6.30" x 7.48" x 2.17")
  • Weight: 520g (18.34oz)
  • Display: Roman Numeral
  • Movement type: Quartz
  • Input Voltage: 1 x AA Battery (Not Included)
  • Package include: Moderna Bird Paradise Clock

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