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Moretti Black Taper Candle Holder


The Moretti Black Taper Candle Holder was created by a minimalist artist who sees simplicity in beauty. Inspired by fundamental geometric shapes that have created a new abstract look. The basic layout renders the Moretti timeless and compatible with a number of types of decor. Look beautiful as a package or individually styled.

  • Handmade with Pine wood material, finishes with glossy black.
  • Accommodates a standard taper candle (sold separately).
    • Made by Pine Wood.
    • Size:
      Sphere: 55mm x 100mm (1.9" x 3.5"),
      Cylinder: 42mm x 135mm (1.5" x 4.8"),
      Semi: 50mm x 180mm (1.8" x 6.3"),
      Tiered: 50mm x 220mm (1.8" x 7.8"),
      Diamond: 55mm x 280mm (1.9" x 9.9").
    • Weight:
      Sphere: 213g (7.51oz),
      Cylinder: 129g (4.55oz),
      Semi: 150g (5.29oz),
      Tiered: 267g (9.42oz),
      Diamond: 272g (9.59oz)
    CARE & USE


    • Wipe clean with soft, dry cloth.

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