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DéMush Table Lamp

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DéMush table lamp was the desire to create a Nordic warm and cosy wash of light. The design is effortless and expresses that this is an informal table lamp. It consists of a conical base and oval shade, merging together to form a single unit of balanced proportions.

Its organic design gives the lamp a friendly and almost human appearance – it's a lamp with a personality. DéMush table lamp casts a warm and pleasant downward light. The asymmetric shade provides an oval diffusion of the light.

  • Nordic design table lamp.
  • Screen can be mounted in four different directions to ensure that the cord is positioned in the rear of the lamp in any direction you want to direct the light.
  • Artistic lamp best to be used for the living room, hallway, bedroom and study room.
    • Lamp body in Resin.
    • 390mm x 360mm (15.4" x 14.2").
    • 1150g (40.56oz).
    • Come with 12W LED light source.
    CARE & USE


    • Wipe lamp using a soft, dry cloth.

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