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LED Halo Wall Digital Clock


LED Halo Wall Digital Clock is a clock with 7 color halo LED, allows you to customize the color by following your own emotions. It comes with a useful remote control, that you can hang the clock on the wall and only use the remote control to customize your clock. It equips with a thermometer that display into degree Celcius or Fahrenheit. Its time memory function allow the clock to record the latest time while you unplug it. It also comes with a 3 brightness setting that allows you to change the suitable brightness you want.

  • Material: ABS, PC, LED
  • Dimensions: 305mm x 305mm x 3mm (12.0" x 12.0" x 0.12")
  • Weight: 710g (25.04oz)
  • Specification:
    • 7 color halo LED
    • LED time display
    • 12/24 hours format
    • Alarm and snooze function
    • Temperature display °C or °F  (0 ° C ~ 50 ° C range)
    • 3 Brightness setting
    • Night mode setting
    • Time memory function (1XCR2032 battery for time memory function)
    • Remote control to clock (4 function buttons (adjust, up, down, RGB))
  • Input Voltage: 5.0V by USB
  • Package: Time Clock, USB cable, remote control

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