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Hicat Decorative Life Gray Cement Wall Clock


This is a simple minimalist gray cement wall clock, the idea is to make the clock in a industrial concrete cement with gray in color to bring out the minimalist taste of Romanic numeral. There are only 2 wooden clock's hand on the clock. The clock is display in engraved Roman numeral to show the shadow and make it clearer for its owner to spot the time.

The wall clock comes with single gray color on the clock face with 2 different size choices for the clock diameter, 12 inch or14 inch.

The wall clock is a classic, simple and clean minimalist wall clock and brings out the taste of simple ideal design or a wonderful and perfect decorative life. In order to be the best simple wall clock in your sweet living room, office, restaurant or bedroom. It is a mute clock that allows its owner to enjoy the cozy, silent and clean environment.

  • Material: Cement, wood
  • Diameter choices: 300mm (11.81"), 355mm (13.98")
  • Thickness: 7mm (0.28")
  • Weight: 2020g (71.25oz), 2320g (81.84oz)
  • Display: Engraved Roman numeral
  • Movement type: Quartz
  • Input Voltage: 1 x AA Battery (Not Included)
  • Package include: Hicat Decorative Life Gray Cement Wall Clock

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