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Half-Chen Firebrick Semi-Glazed Mug


Our Half-Chen mug's clean, classic design draws attention to the lovely warm tone reactive glazing. The glaze produces one-of-a-kind patterns and brilliant, varied warm wavy turbulent colors with taupe undertones as it undergoes chemical changes during fire. The glaze changes from creamy sandy surface, speckled with distinct marks and crackles. This desired crazing occurs during the firing process, and the craquelure can become more complicated over time as the raw natural materials expand and shrink. The glaze and its effects are food-safe, however certain foods may cause it to discolor briefly.

  • Handcrafted of high-fired stoneware with semi-gloss reactive glaze.
  • Each piece presents unique markings and color toning.
  • Beautiful and unique vessel for coffee, tea and everyday drink.
    • Made by porcelain.
    • 115mm x 82mm x 84mm (4.5" x 3.2" x 3.3").
    • 270g (9.52oz).
    • 240ml (8.12oz).
    CARE & USE


    • Dishwasher safe.
    • Microwave safe.

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