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Fleming Hound Throw


This warm knitted blanket is dedicated to all dog lovers around the world!

This magnificent blanket is made from native organic cotton and threaded with linen, and it doesn't sacrifice on quality or pattern.

This puppy motif blends in perfectly with the popular seafoam background. Definitely a great way to start a conversation.

This high-quality woven puppy blanket will look excellent in your bedroom, blanket basket, or thrown over a piece of living room furniture. It's entirely up to you!

Our clients rave about how toasty our throw blankets are all the time. Even better, the more you wash them, the softer they become. They'll look great on any couch in your living area. The front has a crisp, vibrant design with a reverse white side.

  • Carefully handcrafted to prevent piling or color fading.
  • Made of soft acrylic and cotton blend fabric.
  • Feather fringes at all sides.
  • Available in 3 sizes.
    • Made by 40% linen and 60% cotton.
    • Size:
      35" x 60": 90cm x 150cm (35.1" x 59.1"),
      50" x 60": 130cm x 160cm (51.2" x 63.0"),
      60" x 90": 160cm x 220cm (63.0" x 86.6").

    • Weight:
      35" x 60": 570g (20.11oz),
      50" x 60": 930g (32.80oz),
      60" x 90": 1700g (59.97oz).

    • 3-5% shrinkage rate. 
    CARE & USE


    • Machine washable on a gentle cycle with medium warm water. 

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