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Eskimon Retro Mini Air Cooler


Eskimon is a retro mini air cooler, allows you to enjoy the cool breeze every moments. It is a combination of air cooler and humidifier. It is a retro design for spring and summer season but there are still having the cool breeze from Eskimoan. Its fast cooling system comes with a large angle, maximize the enjoyment of the cool nanomist, it dropped 10°C instantly. It equips with large cooling area and even the best friend of air conditioner. It boost up the cooling effect and the air circulation of air conditioner. It can be acts as a humidifier, its nanomist can moisturize your skin and allows your rooms to get enough humidity. 

Its retro style of fashion comes with 4 metal foots and blade with the design of old retro window. Its leather strap handle and USB charging design allows you to bring it around easily, not like the old air cooler only can operated stationary. It comes with a 2000mAh of large battery, allows you to enjoy the cooling for the whole day. 

Eskimon - Live in Summer, Feel like Winter.

  • Material: ABS, PP, PC
  • Dimensions: 150mm x 145mm x 180mm (5.91" x 5.71" x 7.09")
  • Weight: 815g (28.75oz)
  • Water tank Capacity: 240ml
  • Spray: 30-35ml/h
  • Output power: 9W
  • Input Voltage: DC5V, 1A USB Type-c input, 2000mAh
  • Play time: up to 5 hours (Fully operation)
  • Package include: Air Cooler, charging cable. 
  • Three fan speed adjustment:
    • First press on "Fan" button - Low fan speed
    • Second press on "Fan" button - Mid fan speed.
    • Third press on "Fan" button - High fan speed.
    • Forth press "Fan" button - turn off
  • Nanomist "Spray" button
    • First press - turn on
    • Second press - turn off
    • spray will last for 3 hours before auto-off.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Gene Hopkins

It can be a normal humidifier and its effect is great, it is very comfortable to add ice water, and the wind is quite strong. Generally, it is enough to turn on the 2nd gear~ Very cost-effective. I am so regret to buy this so late, it is end of summer in Australia. Its ok. Thanks seller and will recommend you.

Samuel Hill

The sound is definitely there, but silent enough compare with my tower fan.

Charlie Mcneil

Comfortable! I like the shape so much, it can be disassembled and cleaned, and the fan is clean. The fan is quiet and almost silent, and it can also adjust the wind speed in three gears. It's so comfortable, I like it so much! Logistics is also fast

Tabitha Webster

Received the fan, the quality is great, the color is awesome and fresh, there are several wind adjustments, the maximum wind is too cool, it will be very comfortable in summer, it is natural wind, and it can also store 2000mAh, can use power bank to charge it. Don't hesitate if you like. The seller is very nice. Will buy from you again, if need any in the future. Has been shared with colleagues.

Martha Francis

The little cute fan is nice, high-value and easy to use. I bought it once before and gave it to a friend. It's not bad to see friends using it with a good feedback, I also started one myself. Well enough of wind. You can also add ice water spray, which is very powerful. haha, feels like Eskimo in summer.

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