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Expandable Bamboo Gadget Tray


This tray is constructed of organic bamboo, which is more durable and appealing due to its natural wood pattern. It's also less difficult to keep clean and maintain. It is great not only for holding cooking utensils but also for keeping office materials or cosmetics, as it has 6 fixed spaces in the middle and 2 extensible slots on both sides. This tray is designed to fit most standard drawers.

  • Made by 100% bamboo. Each unit presents difference color tones and seamless lines.
  • Total of 8 storage compartments.
  • Tray holds and organizes kitchen cutlery, silverware and flatware in the drawer.
  • Not limited with kitchen utensils, can be used for any occasions like office or workshop.
  • 2 admissible storage compartments that can be expanded. Select a width between 12 and 19.5 inches to optimize drawer space.
  • Non-slipping feet.
  • Made by bamboo.
  • Size:
    Compact: 435mm x 305mm x 50mm (17.1" x 12" x 2.0"),
    Expanded: 435mm x 495mm x 50mm (17.1" x 19.5" x 2.0").
  • 1220g (43.03oz).


  • Wipe and clean with damp cloth.

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