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Astrid Atlan Clock


This is a Nordic European style of ancient Greek Atlan clock. Astrid means of beautiful and loved. Its luxury design allows it to be one of the best collection to decorate your house and your Nordic style. Accompany you from day to night, its full body of coated gold with a beautiful marble base. With the advance looks of mechanical clock allows user to increase the scene of beauty to their hotel, rooms and home. This beautiful clock interior design with fully mechanical clock with a glass mirror cover on the clock's hands, it is able to upgrade your living room, bedroom, study room and secret room to a higher level. There are 2 choices of wonderful oceanic clocks, a spear like or a fully ocean mystery type of mechanical age clock with a whale tail like.

  • Material: Metal, alloy, glass, marble
  • Dimensions: 105mm x 80mm x 330mm (4.13" x 3.15" x 12.99")
  • Weight: 1920g (67.73oz)
  • Display: Roman numeral
  • Movement type: clockwork
  • Input Voltage: Battery (Not Included)
  • Package include: Astrid Atlan Clock

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