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Arc Screen Projection Smart Clock

Body Color
LED Color

A creative and modern arc shape time projections clock. It comes with interesting functions:

  1. 【Strong and Solid】regular drop and knock, pressure-free. The special nature of buffer time suits the physiological dynamic and provides adequate comforts. Progressive bell, tempo from gentle to fast. Smooth and proper edge, no harm to furniture. Wake you up softly from your sleep,
  2. 【Radio FM】Up to 10 FM preset stations (FM: 87.5-108.0MHz) can be recalled, so that you can listen to music, news, weather forecasts. The sleep timer feature causes the radio to fall asleep - you can set the time to turn the radio off (Radio will automatically turn off after the specified time).
  3. 【Time Projection】helps you to project broad and transparent numbers onto the ceiling. Instead of twisting around to see the clock while you are lying in bed, you can quickly see the time above. The projection light for the blue ceiling is soft and non-disturbing. Note: No angle change for the projection.
  4. 【Powered by USB】Convenient charging for the clock and 5V 1A USB output interface at the back of the clock allows you to charge your smart phone.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 171mm x 87mm x 40mm (6.73" x 3.43" x 1.57")
  • Weight: 320g (11.29oz)
  • Display/Function:
    • Time (12/24 hour format)
    • date
    • Dual alarm, Dual sounds (snooze mode 5~ 60 mins)
    • 3 brightness control for Arc LED
    • FM radio, can set up to 10 preset (FM: 87.5-108.0MHz)
    • Time Projection upward
    • USB port for cell phone charging 
  • Input Voltage: Plugged in via USB
  • Package Contain:
    • Arc Screen Projection Digital Clock
    • USB Cable
    • English Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joannie Emmerich

заказала 2 шт. не пожалела. яркость цыферблата регулируется, проекцию можно поворачивать. есть радио и будильник. в комплекте идёт провод для подключения сети и батарейка. или батарейка не Але, или часы не потянули... ну вообщем от их батарейки не получилось включить часы. Не могла разобраться с проводком сзади. так поняла, что это антена (радио). в одних часах была сломана - радио работало.упаковка была слегка помята - содержимое целое.

Doris Schamberger

Ok Ok

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