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Amflema RGB Vacuum DIY Time Machine


Amflema Vacuum Time Machine is a DIY version type of clock. In this modern age, with the highly advanced microtechnology of semiconductor, we combined the old modern physics with the current advanced technology to form the best vintage look clock. It is a USB clock, easy to function and suits any rooms.

It comes with 4 strong interesting features:

  • DIY Version
    Fully DIY, from nothing to something. Experience every moments. It seems to be simple in structure. It actually needs about 200+ parts, but the assembly is not difficult, because tearing off the protective film will take up most of your time.
  • 1.6 Million RGB
    Allow you to customize your own favorite color, it suits every rooms. 5 type of display modes already set in the system. You can adjust the time/color/brightness with the buttons. For advanced function, you can also use your computer software to synchronize your time.
  • High transparent acrylic sheet
    Let each number jump, the light shows the sense of technology
  • Retro modern style
    Feel like in modern while the wooden structure looks like retro product

With these intertesting features, you are able to enjoy the time of DIY and surely afterward is the clock lighting effect, like in the futuristic sci-fi movie. Let's decorate our rooms with this wonderful vintage modern of time block clock.

Note: Control software EleksTube, official software provided By EleksMaker

  • Material: Wood, pixelglass mirror, ABS, PE, Acrylic
  • Single Bit Dimensions: 43mm x 43mm x 65mm (1.69" x 1.69" x 2.56")
  • 6 Bit Dimensions: 330mm x 85mm x 95mm (12.99" x 3.35" x 3.74")
  • Weight: 980g (34.56oz)
  • Power: 12W
  • Specification:
    • Show second, minutes and hours
    • Time Mode
    • 16 million RGB
  • Input Voltage: 5.0V by USB
  • Package: Amflema RGB Vacuum Time Machine DIY version, USB cable


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lucy Garrison

You get what you pay for. Things are really well done. I personally like it very much anyway

Louise Collins

very complete, each kind of board will have one more, and there are a lot of small accessories such as screws. It's easy to use and easy to use. Turning off the lights is really beautiful. I hope my boyfriend likes it. It is very inconvenient to tear the acrylic sheet film by hand. Fortunately, there is a file similar to the grinding film, which is very convenient, as shown in the figure.

Roger Barr

This stuff is great. need to DIY, Haha. but the effect is very good, it’s okay.

John Hall

It's really beautiful after assembly and power on. The mode of changing the LED is really cool! It is very easy to assemble with cards. Thank you. I wish you all happiness

Cody Thomas

It takes 3 hours to assembly it. Feel satisfaction. Details design and good product.

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